Checking factories in China

Fraud in supplying goods from the Celestial Empire is far from being uncommon, therefore, in cooperation with Chinese companies and manufacturers, it is recommended to make sure of the reliability of Chinese partners. We provide comprehensive services for checking Chinese factories; we will be able to find a worthy supplier and make an unambiguous verdict - if it is safe to cooperate with this counterparty or not.

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  • We cooperate with a Chinese supplier directly in the procurement, without the involvement of any intermediaries
  • The staff of our company includes highly qualified specialists with the knowledge of the Chinese language at an advanced level
  • If necessary, we can conduct an audit directly at a factory to check the production stages or product quality
  • Checking factories in China is made according to an integrated scheme, from basic constituent documentation to product control at the stage of shipment

When should you select this service?

  • If you are starting cooperate with a new Chinese supplier or looking for a counterparty and want to be sure of its honesty
  • To regulate the reliability of a partner in doing business, in order to prevent any possible fraudulent transactions with goods and delivery
  • To perform periodic audits of a counterparty

More about the service

We provide services of checking Chinese factories. The service includes:

  • general description of manufacturer
  • basic details of manufacturer
  • verification of constituent documentation, including the date of factory foundation, details of enterprise incorporation, number of employees
  • certificates and licenses for production
  • output products
  • turnover per year
  • main directions of sales
  • assessment of production performance
  • quality control system
  • list of equipment and data on its condition
  • photo and video materials of production process

To start the process of checking a Chinese supplier, the following information should be provided:

  • a clearly set task of finding a product with all specifications
  • the funds that a client is ready to allocate for searching and checking a factory
  • completed terms of reference for checking a factory

We can search for a counterparty based on the details of your competitors supplying similar products. To get started, we need a minimum set of information to go from an importer of products to a factory in China. We are searching for reliable partners targeting the Russian market not only on international trade aggregators such as Alibaba, but on domestic Chinese websites as well.

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Questions and answers

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