Foreign economic activity

Our company provides foreign economic activity outsourcing on a turnkey basis. We carefully monitor all amendments in the current laws, so we know what decisions to make in certain situations.

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  • No extra costs for maintaining a foreign economic activity department
  • No extra costs for maintaining a foreign economic activity department

When should you select this service?

  • If you have no your own specialist on the staff
  • The company is just starting to deal with export and import operations
  • Partial transfer of functions on foreign economic activities: money movement transactions, temporary storage of goods without the formation of own warehouse, etc.

More about the service

Our company has representative offices in Ekaterinburg and Vladivostok, as well as in China, allowing us to provide foreign economic activity outsourcing services as efficiently and promptly as possible.

Foreign economic activities include many various processes and stages, in particular, dealing with inspection authorities, finding solutions for procurement and supply, preparation and conclusion of contracts, financial transactions, bargaining and customs clearance, insurance and handling of claims, reporting and document management.

Each stage of foreign economic activities is very important. In case of any errors and shortcomings, the effectiveness of each transaction decreases, and serious problems may arise with inspection authorities.

We will take care to ensure proper foreign economic activities with no violations of the current laws.

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