Delivery of temperature-sensitive cargoes

There are some goods which carriage requires special equipment to be able to maintain a certain temperature. For example, such conditions of delivery are required for seafood and meat, deep-frozen semi-finished products, confectionery. In Meridian Line you can order the transportation of your goods with maintaining the required temperature regime. We will deliver them by sea in refrigerated containers - reliable, ventilated, and complying with sanitary standards. We will develop the best route for multimodal transportation of frozen products: by sea + by rail or by road. We will arrange all handling operations.

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  • We provide customers with options for container transportation with temperature control under the best pricing and timing terms
  • We give discounts for warm transportation of large consignments
  • We interact with terminals so that our cargo is handled and picked up faster than other loads
  • We quickly pass the veterinary control and phytosanitary control
  • We cooperate with many international haulers and railway carriers
  • We guarantee an uninterrupted power supply to a refrigerated container on board a ship: if the power is off, a diesel generator will be energized saving your perishable products

When should you select this method?

  • For international carriage of any perishable goods with temperature control
  • For warm delivery of products from Southeast Asia and other regions

More about the service

The transportation charge for temperature-sensitive loads may include the following (depending on a client’s task):

  • Handling: weighing, packaging, labeling
  • Loading in a temperature-controlled container
  • Preparation of accompanying documents for delivery of frozen or warm cargo
  • Shipping to Russia by sea (or arrangement of multimodal transportation).
  • Customs clearance
  • Execution of documents for of veterinary control and phytosanitary control
  • Discharging from a container at port
  • Delivery of products to point of destination

We develop a route for your goods, prepare a transparent estimate for services, prepare customs documents and insurance policy, certify temperature-sensitive cargoes. We have three representative offices: in Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg and in Ningbo (PRC) in order to control temperature carriage both at a point of departure and in a region of product pick-up.

To calculate the cost of transportation, we need to know:

  • Route of carriage and description of cargo
  • Temperature at which it must be carried
  • Container type or product volume
  • Net and gross weight
  • Area/address of pickup at destination or pickup point

Besides, the price will be adjusted if a sanitary treatment of a container is required before loading with the provision of an appropriate certificate to customer.

You may ask questions about the transportation of temperature-sensitive cargoes by calling us or by submitting a request on our Website.

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