Delivery of oversized cargo

Just few companies are engaged in the transportation of large loads that exceed standard dimensions. Even fewer do it on a turnkey basis without personal involvement of a client. We arrange oversize transportation from China and other countries to Russia selecting the best conditions for a customer with the help of our agents in various countries.

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  • Direct contracts with the port terminals of Vladivostok (Commercial Port of Vladivostok, Vladivostok Marine Container Terminal, Sollers, Dalzavod) for the transshipment of oversize cargoes and that allows to consider various options for delivery, transshipment, dispatch by rail as quickly as possible
  • Contract with the Russian Railways and partnerships/agreements with various terminals from where it is possible to dispatch oversize cargo by railways
  • For export and import operations, i.e. contracts with shipping lines allowing to use such equipment as OT (OpenTop) and FT (FlatRack) for the delivery of goods
  • A large base of partners in the Russian Federation who can accept oversize cargo from China and other countries to their name, release and deliver to a client
  • The presence of our agents in China and Turkey allows to find the lowest price rates for these countries
  • Proper arrangement of all logistics operations on a turnkey basis: a client just need to pick up its cargo in its city

When should you select this method?

  • For carriage of large-size special equipment than cannot be loaded into a container
  • For carriage of large-size spare parts for various items, production equipment or machinery
  • For carriage of fully assembled units of equipment, vehicles and other goods

More about the service

Our company has 3 representative offices: 2 in Russia (Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg) and 1 in China (Ningbo). We are engaged in international transportation of oversize cargoes to the following destinations which are mainly Chinese ports: Ningbo, Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, Beijing, Huangpu, Guangzhou, Yantian, Shenzhen.

To calculate oversize transportation, the following data is required:

  • route of transportation
  • dimensions of packages (length * width * height), weight of each package, packing
  • Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature Code or a clear description of cargo; a photo may be attached
  • if this cargo can be combined in packages, stacked, or turned over
  • for import and export transportation, it is important to know where this cargo will be cleared by customs for export or import

We have a number of requirements for the service of international transport delivery of heavy cargo.

  • For export and import operations, it should be noted that FT or OT equipment is not always available.
  • It will take some time for the shipment and consolidation of equipment, especially if the consignment is large. It is more convenient and favorable for a client to destuff FT/OT and then deliver cargo by rail on a flat cat / gondola car, depending on the nature and dimensions of cargo
  • For transportation by road, you can use a trawl in this case
  • Clearance of oversize FT/OT is possible subject to special permits are obtained

Clearance of oversize FT/OT is possible subject to special permits are obtained

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