Customs clearance

Our company provides services related to the customs clearance of cargoes and goods of various description: ordinary, large-sized, liquid, bulk, general and other cargo on a turnkey basis.

Roman Pereborov




  • Expedited customs clearance procedure
  • Many-year experience in foreign economic activities
  • Availability of competent staff at all stages of customs clearance
  • Extensive experience of efficient interaction with customs authorities
  • Cost minimization before and during customs operations
  • Affordable cost of customs clearance

When do you need this service?

  • If you have no own declarant on the staff of your company
  • Consulting and expert opinion on customs clearance of goods
  • Minimization of customs charges

More about the service

When carrying any goods across the border, its mandatory registration is required. To reduce the time for customs formalities, for example, inspection, verification of intellectual property, product code, etc., as well as legally and subject to applicable laws to clear goods, you should contact a professional broker. Customs clearance and delivery of goods are the main areas of operation of our company.

Reliable customs clearance is not an easy procedure; therefore, it requires strict adherence to all requirements and rules. Providing customs clearance services, we take a number of mandatory actions.

  • Verifying the documentation. If any document is missing, we inform a client. If necessary, we help to prepare papers. Checking your product code or its definition as per UKTZED (Ukrainian Commodity Classification for Foreign Economic Activities) Then, the term for the service provision are agreed.
  • Calculating the cost. When calculating the amount of customs charges, the current legislation is considered.
  • Preparing a preliminary declaration. In this case, your cargo is registered at a temporary storage warehouse, if necessary.
  • Preparing a declaration, delivering it to a cargo owner.

Our company provides comprehensive professional assistance in customs clearance. We have three representative offices: two in Russia (Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg) and one in China (Ningbo). The entire clearance procedure is performed quickly and without delay.

You can order customs clearance by calling the phone numbers indicated on the Web-site or by submitting a request.

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Questions and answers

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We have an exemption letter in favor of company A, but the recipient of this exemption letter is company B. We will take the order to our company. Is it acceptable for us to use this exemption letter or do we need to make a new one?

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