Domestic container transportation

Container transportation is the best option when you need to reduce delivery costs and duration.

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  • Cost reduction. No intermediate loading or unloading
  • Modern tracking systems ensure the control over the movement of goods allowing to make appropriate adjustments in case of delays
  • Multipurpose packing. Standard container sizes can be used by services of various countries
  • Sound and reliable design of containers provides ensures the proper security of cargo against fraudsters or environmental factors
  • Special equipment ensures the fast loading and unloading reducing the cost of loader services

When should you select this method?

  • It is necessary to protect the cargo at all stages of transportation
  • To deliver products quickly when dispatching from one point to another
  • To reduce storage costs
  • To ensure the safety of cargo against atmospheric factors
  • To reduce loading and unloading duration

More about the service

Our company offers the delivery of a container with cargo within the country. We have representative offices in Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg and it allows to quickly and efficiently deliver the required products across the territory of the Russian Federation.

For domestic delivery, as a rule, we offer transportation by rail, strictly adhering to the terms of carriage. If distances are long or medium, transportation by road is possible. When a term is limited, delivery in containers to a destination is performed by air.

We will select the most convenient delivery schemes to deliver various types of cargo to a destination within the agreed time limits.

For all questions, contact us at phone numbers or submit a request on the Web-site.

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