Settlement of customs disputes

The customs officers’ own vision of the principles of interaction with consignors or consignees from abroad does not always correspond to the customs laws. It results in unreasonable requirements to importers or exporters, and the need for the services of a customs lawyer.

Ekaterina Kurasheva




  • We offer competent options for resolving any disputes.
  • Our consultations help to prevent the occurrence of any undesirable situations during customs clearance of goods.
  • Conducting legal due diligence of customs affairs.
  • The proposed solutions minimize the risk of disputes that could affect the customer’s goodwill.

When should you select this service?

  • Disputes related to the adjustment of the customs value of goods that cross the border.
  • Consulting on customs law principles.
  • Representing a client before customs authorities.
  • Conducting legal due diligence of customs affairs.
  • Preparation of claims to be lodged to a court; complaints, applications, petitions or objections to inspecting authorities.

More about the service

A competent specialist is able to present all evidence and proofs to the advantage of a client. We offer the following services of a customs lawyer:

  • Customs disputes before courts
  • Set-off or refund of payments
  • Determination of the customs value of goods
  • Resolving issues related to the recovery of customs payments

The participation of an experienced specialist of our company in customs disputes guarantees the most favorable solution for you.

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