Consolidated cargoes

Delivery of international consolidated cargo is an efficient way to transport various goods, raw materials, or equipment. You pay only for a place occupied with your cargo as the cost of transportation is divided among all customers. Multimodal transportation by Meridian Line Company is the ability to deliver goods with minimal costs, quickly and accurately complying with the requirements of international carriage.

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  • You can dispatch goods of small weight and size as part of consolidated cargo in a container, by road or rail
  • It is not required to rent an entire truck, thereby reducing transportation costs
  • The cost of international consolidated transportation is low, and it is especially important for long distances
  • It is the responsibility of a company’s freight forwarder to register your cargo and documents, to arrange packaging and storage at a warehouse
  • A customer may track the location of its cargo online or receive data from a freight forwarder

When should you select this method?

  • When you need a single delivery of cargo weighing 5,000 kilograms or less with a volume of 5 m³ or less
  • Delivery of consolidated cargo is efficient if the number and dimensions of packages are known, and in general they occupy less than 6 m³ of floor in a truck
  • When you need to transport non-dangerous goods
  • When transporting non-urgent cargo (for this reason, it is not recommended to transport perishable goods as a part of consolidated cargoes)

More about the service

Consolidated cargo transportation can be arranged on a turnkey basis. The price of the service may include (if required by a client): to-door delivery and customs clearance of import and export, preparation of documents, storage in a warehouse, packaging of goods, or forwarding.

Key destinations of international cargo transportation: China - Russia; Korea - Russia with the dispatch of goods from the port of Busan; Japan - Russia with the dispatch from the ports of Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Yokohama and other ports.

You can contact one of three representative offices of our company: in China (Ningbo), in Russia - Vladivostok and Ekaterinburg.

Containers with consolidated cargoes are delivered from China twice a week from the major sea ports of Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen.

For the carriage of some categories of goods, it is necessary to prepare a material safety data sheet (MSDS) in English. For example, such products include battery chargers: an MSDS is required to pass inspection at a port of loading. MSDS shall also be prepared for electric battery-powered hybrid tricycles; in addition, a test certificate and a quality certificate are required. The requirement was introduced from January 01, 2020 by Section 38.3 of the UN Recommendations (lithium batteries and lithium-containing items must be carried only with a certificate available).

For all questions, contact us at phone numbers or submit a request on the Web-site.

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