Certification and approval documents

In order to clear any goods imported from the territory of another country, it is necessary in some cases to complete certification of the goods, customs procedures and prepare all required documents. To save time, it is better to turn to professionals. We will issue approval documents and complete all the certification procedures on a turnkey basis.

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  • Extensive experience in cooperating with certification centers.
  • Possibility to minimize your costs when preparing approval documents.
  • The well-established base of certification bodies able to issue approval documents of any complexity.
  • Possibility of expedited preparation of approval documents.
  • Affordable price of goods certification service.

When should you select this service?

  • Certification of products and goods is a service that is required when transporting a large quantity of goods/products from another country. With this service, the quality of goods, services, its compliance with the statutory regulations and requirements is confirmed.

More about the service

When ordering services for confirming the quality and conformity of goods in our company, you can be sure that we consider all the specifics related to documentary registration. The list of our services includes obtaining the following approvals:

  • declaration of conformity;
  • certificate of conformity;
  • registration certificates
  • exemption letters.

Our company cooperates with certification centers directly, without intermediaries. Over the years, we have managed to establish close relationships with these centers enabling us to operate efficiently and promptly. We also cooperate closely with testing laboratories in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and even Slovakia.

To determine the need for preparing approval documents, you should have the following reliable information:

  • full trade name of goods;
  • material of manufacture;
  • intended use of goods;
  • specifications (for technically sophisticated goods).

The cost of product certification is calculated on an individual basis and depends on the description of goods, its quantity, place of customs clearance, and so on.

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